Coming Soon!

Welcome to your new PubWriter site!

To help you quickly get up to speed on getting the most from PubWriter, we've created a few tutorials to assist you.

Note that if you need help at anytime, you should first check the FAQ. If we haven't addressed your question already, just ask us and we'll be happy to assist you further.

If you have not already created a Dropbox account please do so now. After you create an account, be sure to also download the app for your device.

Provide us with the email address you registered with Dropbox so we can create a shared folder where your website files will reside. You will receive a notification from dropbox to join the folder called pubwriter where your website source files reside.

PubWriter uses a simple language called Markdown for formatting. In addition to Markdown, you are free to use simple HTML snippets to produce a variety of enhancements to your website.

For the PC, you can use any text based editor, but if you want to be able to preview the rendered result, you'll need one of the Markdown based editors.