Oranit Pride

Oranit is an Israeli village or settlement. I was among the first ten settlers. From scratch, we built a town in the no man's land between Israel and the proposed Palestine. With pride, I led the building of all the things we now take for granted. I built schools, kindergartens, synagogues, country club, and the religious Mikveh. We toiled to establish electricity, telephones and water supplies. I spent days correcting the open sewage flowing through the streets of Oranit. I set up the municipality and left. I know the settlements for what they are. A great miracle marred by humanity’s many foibles. I love the trees I brought, and the birds above.

Oranit is borderline everything. We live in a quiet a distinct area overlooking a magic wood. Oranit was in no man's land, and she remains so. Our village is not part of Israel proper. Our village, the beautiful Oranit is not part of the ‘Wild West’ settlement movement.

We represent the vast majority of Israeli settlers. We came because the land was cheaper and central. We could build houses, and enjoy a high quality of living at a price within our reach. The land was cheap. That does not mean to say we stole it. The land acquisition  is legal. There was a meticulously carefully, controlled acquisition process. No one did anything without lots of bureaucracy. The authorities leant over backwards to help the Arabs make their claims. We knew, often, the claims were spurious. The Arab land registry is non-existent. Registration goes back to word-of-mouth and maps from the Ottoman area era. So, there was a lot of fiddling and scurrilous behaviour. The Arabs perpetrated most of the deviousness and cheating. The Jews were far from innocent Wherever there was a doubt; refusal was at hand. We did not get the land.

Oranit is a story of pride and desire. A chronicle of a longing to build something beautiful. Till this day, I love Oranit and is always well. In many respects, Oranit and who she is represents who I am. I am undefined and hard to explain.  

My whole attitude to life is spiritual. Yet, I do not believe that the religious have anything to do with religion. there is a maker and I believe that he has a lot to answer.  I do think we believe in something because there is something to believe. Nothing in this fantastic biological machine is there without reason. I digres: Schizophrenia, , is not an illness insomuch as it is a revolution. A revolutionary first step to do something that we can't do. We cannot think in any other form apart from binary. People with schizophrenia can; not successfully, but evolution is going that way. I'm sure of it, they will make the quantum jump.

I believe that something out there is controlling an awful lot. The same goes for mathematics and physics. There are far too  many similarities. Quantum theory and space-time theory assumes an initial miracle. The clerics hijack the miracle and blather.

As a doctor, I know our body’s functioning is incredible. It's a miraculous design. Far beyond anything we can do.

I am a doctor. I exist in a borderland situation. I believe we should be promoting health, not treating illnesses. We should make sure that the young and the ill receive treatment before the rich and the old. The priority is to prevent, not to cure.

I am at odds with a lot of my medical colleagues. I fight the drug companies. I see them as the equal of the religious clerics. Both are self-centered, hypocritical, hi-jacking liars. They are in it for their ends.

I am in another borderland.

In politics, I'm very much on the border. In my own no man's land. I believe in the Palestinians and their ability to rule themselves. I despair at them ever getting to that point. I do believe that we must share the land. We don't have to divide it.

I do believe that one day we will live in peace. One day both peoples’ voice will ring out. They will say they want to live together. They want to live in pride and have an identity. Israelis and Palestinians both need this. Unfortunately, security comes first.
One day we will overcome the politicians who thrive on the conflict. On that day we will throw out all those with vested interests who sow amd feed on despair. Today the solvers are the problem. Tomorrow we will remove them. Till then, we cannot be naïve. 

I would like to end with naïveté. Naïveté cannot be a thought. It was not naïve to think you can go to the moon. It was not naïve to believe that you can touch a screen and make programs work. Dreams became visions and visions begat plans.

Naïveté only exists in the execution.

Naïveté only can express itself in naïve execution.

In my borderland, I hear Ted Kennedy’s quote at his brother Bobby’s funeral. ‘There are those who see things as they are and ask why. He dreamed dreams of things yet to be and wondered why not?’ 

Oranit, the village on the border, is our dream. I helped to build her. I belong to a religion where I believe and fight. In my profession, I am on the border on central issues. Again, I fight. I am an anti-Psychiatric psychiatrist. About Palestine; the left claim I am a right winger and the right the opposite. They are both correct; they are both wrong

Oranit is in the sparse no man's land.

That's who I am, and that's what I'm doing.

I write about Oranit. Oranit is me and I am her; she symbolises my love, my thoughts and my beliefs.